About Us

This is a demo store for the free “Antiqua” theme from Spiffy Stores. None of the products in this store are available for purchase here.

If you are interested in the product displayed here, you should try Googling it, as there are a number of stores online that sell this item.

If you have a Spiffy Store, and want to use this theme in your store, you just need to go to the “Theme Gallery” section of your toolbox and apply this theme. If you’ve already made modifications to your current theme, you should download and save your current theme first, so you have a backup of it. This is just in case you want to switch back to the theme you were using.

If you’re looking for information on how customise this theme, such as instructions on how to add your logo to this theme, or how to change the colour scheme of this theme, head on over to the instructions page.

If you can’t find the instructions that you’re looking for here, you should try posting a question in our community forums.

If you happen to find a bug in this theme, please contact us to let us know.