How to change your theme colour

Changing the colour of your theme is easy! You first need to choose what colour you want (colours can be previewed in the menu to the right). You then follow the 5 simple steps below…

Step 1.

Go to the “Theme” section of your store, and click on “Theme Editor”

Step 2.

In the theme editor, click on the “Theme.liquid” file.

Step 3.

Scroll down to where you see the lines below….

Step 4.

Remove the comment/endcomment tags from the line for the colour scheme you’ve chosen.
e.g. If you’ve chosen teal, this section would look like the following…

Liquid error: undefined method `id' for nil:NilClass

Step 5.

Click the “Save” button to save your changes. Your theme has now been updated to the colour you chose!